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Tiffin's Etc. - School food catering


Schools are in a unique position to promote healthy eating and help ensure appropriate food and nutrient intake among students. Schools provide students with opportunities to consume an array of foods and beverages and enable students to learn about and practice healthy eating behaviors


Tiffin's Etc. recognizes this responsibility and partners with schools to provide well planned meals to meet nutrition requirement of growing children.


The underlying philosophy of our quality standards is – offering the same quality of food that parents provide at home.

No compromise on nutrition & freshness

We use the best brands in our food preparation such as Kellogg’s, Mother Dairy, Amul, Nestlé, Real juice, Kissan etc. Our fruits and vegetables are procured fresh every morning. Our in-house sweets are made with NO toxic covering or preservatives. 

Cleanliness is key!

Our staff is trained to maintain high level of hygiene and cleanliness. 15% of our staff is dedicated to cleanliness of the premises and all our staff wears disposable head gear and gloves while preparing the food.

Standardize and Innovate

Our operations are standardized to ensure desirable taste, texture and quality for existing recipes. We  also continue to innovate with new recipes to keep the young minds excited about their daily tiffins.

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